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Lash Extensions

We fully customise the thickness, length and style of the lash sets to suit your requested look and your eyes. We will cover all of this in your consultation, but the time we need for application differs for the thickness of each set. 


During our lash consultation, we listen to what you want your lashes to look like, what you normally do with your lashes/makeup, whether you’re wanting these full time or for an event and any other requests you have. We also look at the shape and setting of your eyes as well as the density, length and curl of your lashes. From all of this information we put together what will suit you best! With custom curl, length, thickness and design – we create lash looks to suit everyone.

Applying Mascara

Choose your Lash Extension Set


In this set, we apply one extension to each one of your natural lashes.


This set gives a natural mascara look – without the daily effort!

$130 | 85 min


In this set, we apply one extension to 50% of your natural lashes.


For the other 50% we apply a lightweight fan made of 2-3 finer lash extensions to create a fluffier fuller look.


This set adds natural volume to your lashes.

$149 | 95 min

3D Volume

In this set, we apply a lightweight fan of 3 fine lash extensions to each one of your natural lashes.


This gives a great boost to the lashes you already have, created by multiplying your number of lashes by 3!

$170 | 100 min

5D Volume

 In this set, we apply a fan of 5 fine lash extensions to each one of your natural lashes.


This creates a bold lash look, it is quite noticeable and great for those who want people to know that they have big luscious lash extensions.

$220 | 105 min

10D Volume

In this set, we apply a fan of 10 fine lash extensions to each one of your natural lashes. This creates a very dramatic lash look.


This is for those who love the look of strip lashes and want a dramatic daily look!


Great for performers who don’t want to apply strip lashes.

$290 | 150 min


$200-$250 | 100-130min

We also have mixed sets between 3D-5D and 5D-10D.


In these sets we give a 50-50 mix of volume lashes.


This is great for those who want more than 3D but less than 5D etc.

Refills & Aftercare

We recommend getting refills every 2-4 weeks. This comes down to your natural lash cycle and your personal preference. You might find that your lashes still look great after 2 weeks so you want to get them refilled before they start to look sparse. Or you might find that they look great after 2 weeks so you won’t need a refill for another week! During a refill appointment we remove any grown out lashes that haven’t fallen off naturally. We then apply new lash extensions to all of your new natural lashes that have come through after your old lashes shed.

We base our refill appointments around times – these are based loosely on how many weeks we recommend to match the times. However, if you haven’t had your lashes filled in 4 weeks but they are still in great condition – you can book for a 45 minute refill rather than a 60 minute. This saves you time and money and rewards you for looking after your lashes.

You can change lash sets at refills too, so if you absolutely adore your first ever set of classic lashes and think that you want to amp them up… we can switch up to a hybrid refill! This is a great option for those who usually have a natural look but want to increase the volume for an event.

Looking after your lashes comes quite naturally after the first time. We recommend to avoid getting them wet ONLY for 12 hours post application. After this, we highly recommend wetting them as they need to be kept clean. Using a lash shampoo daily if you wear makeup or every second day if you don’t. Not only does this keep them clean and prevent any lash or eye infections but it also helps with the retention of your lashes. If you have natural oils, makeup or dirt build up on your lashes, this will break down the glue and your extensions will fall right off! So avoid using any oily products, mascara or liquid/gel eyeliners.

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